Thermal Concepts Announces the Acquisition of 5 Seasons Mechanical LLC

Thermal Concepts, a portfolio company of Trivest Partners VI, LP (“Trivest”) and Halmos Capital Partners (“Halmos Capital”), announces it has acquired 5 Seasons Mechanical, LLC (“5 Seasons Mechanical” or the “Company”).

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, 5 Seasons Mechanical provides HVAC maintenance and installation services to commercial and industrial customers throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Over the Company’s greater than 10-year history, it has developed a reputation for quality, reliability, integrity, and professionalism with its customers, becoming a leader in the Atlanta, Georgia market. 5 Seasons Mechanical’s capabilities include servicing air-conditioning equipment with preventative maintenance service programs, indoor air quality duct cleaning, equipment replacement or retrofit service and design & build.

Adam Soyah, Founder and CEO of 5 Seasons Mechanical said, “We could not be more excited to partner with Thermal Concepts for our next phase of growth. We chose to align ourselves with Thermal Concepts due to the shared strong culture of integrity and high-quality service that distinguishes both of our businesses in the HVAC industry. We are confident that Thermal Concepts’ broader scale and best-in-class expertise will enable us to better serve our customers and continue the vision we have built over many years.”

As its first acquisition in the State of Georgia, the 5 Seasons Mechanical purchase initiates Thermal Concepts’ expansion into the region. We intend to continue to pursue growth opportunities throughout Georgia as well as additional add-on opportunities to build scale and expand across additional geographies. Thermal Concepts seeks to partner with founders whose companies are leaders in their local markets, have earned a reputation of excellence in mechanical service.

About Thermal Concepts
Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Davie, FL, Thermal Concepts is a leading provider of maintenance, repair and installation services for commercial HVAC and building control systems in the Southeast. Thermal Concepts’ unique service delivery infrastructure enables us to help customers maintain the long-term integrity and performance of an existing building’s HVAC and controls system through properly scheduled maintenance. Thermal has grown over its 40-year history due to its focus on providing exceptional quality, customer service, and expertise with the most complex HVAC and controls systems.

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About Trivest
Trivest Partners LP, headquartered in Miami, with a presence in Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto, is a private investment firm that focuses exclusively on the support and growth of founder-led and family-owned businesses in the United States and Canada in both control and non-control transactions.

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